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No one wants saggy, low-hanging breasts. But the effects of gravity, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and general aging can cause the skin on your breasts to lose its elasticity. This results in breasts that lose their firmness and shape, and begin to sag. Fortunately, this downward trend can be rectified with a breast lift, clinically known as mastopexy. A breast lift removes excess skin on and around the breasts to raise, reshape, and firm up the breasts. Nipples and areolae may be repositioned and the areolae may also be reduced in size. A breast lift can be combined with breast augmentation if the patient also wants an increase in breast volume or size.

Should I Have a Breast Lift?

Any woman who longs for the breasts she had before children or weight gain and loss can be a perfect candidate for a breast lift.

While most patients opt to have a breast lift to counteract the effects of time, pregnancy, or weight gain and loss, some patients use a lift to correct asymmetrical breasts without using implants.

If you are planning to have more children, Dr. Saltz recommends postponing your breast lift — future pregnancy is likely to stretch the breasts again, nullifying the results of your lift. In case you do get pregnant, however, breast lifts normally don’t affect breastfeeding in most patients.

Before your consultation with Dr. Saltz, it’s a good idea to do some research about the procedure. This should include reviewing before-and-after photos in our extensive gallery. Look for women with a body structure similar to yours.

Breast Lift With Augmentation

By the nature of the procedure, breast lifts decrease volume in the breasts. Dr. Saltz will discuss this phenomenon with you during your consultation. You may opt to have breast augmentation performed during your breast lift to replace lost volume. This combination of the two procedures can effectively compensate for the “slipping” effect that can occur when implants are placed into sagging breasts.

Breast Lift Procedure

A mastopexy involves taking into consideration multiple factors, which you will discuss with Dr. Saltz in your consultation. These include your breast size and shape, the firmness of your breasts, the position of your areolae, and your skin’s elasticity.

Most incision points are made surrounding the areolae, either vertically or horizontally. The three most common patterns are shown below:

Breast Lift Salt Lake City

After the incision is made, Dr. Saltz will lift and reshape your underlying breast tissue. The areolae are then placed into natural, symmetrical positions, and finally, any excess skin is removed to keep firmness and restore the youthful appearance of the skin. Stitches are placed both deep within the tissue and on the skin to close the incision.

A typical breast lift procedure takes about three hours.


After surgery, your incisions will be covered with bandages and dressings. You will be provided with a support bra or elastic bandage to support your breasts as they heal, as well as to reduce swelling. A small thin tube is often placed under the tissue to drain any excess fluids remaining after surgery. You’ll need prescription pain medication for the first day or two, and you’ll also receive an antibiotic prescription. Your breasts will be swollen and bruised for the first couple of weeks after surgery. This is normal! Your results won’t be 100% apparent until your swelling recedes.

Typically, a patient may return to work in seven days after surgery. We ask that you abstain from exercise and heavy lifting for six weeks after your surgery, as this allows scar tissue to reach its maximum strength.

The most important aspect of breast lift recovery is following Dr. Saltz’ post-operative instructions diligently. A post-operative visit will be scheduled following your procedure for the removal of your stitches and further instructions. Dr. Saltz is always available by phone should you have any questions or concerns following your procedure.

Breast Lift Frequently Ask Questions:

Will I have scarring after a breast lift?
Any incision to the surface of the breast will leave a scar. However, these incision lines fade significantly over time, becoming unnoticeable.
Will I lose nipple sensation after breast lift surgery?
Dr. Saltz is often able to preserve nipple sensation and sensitivity after a breast lift. This will depend on your individual anatomy and the size of your breasts.
Will I be able to breastfeed after a breast lift?
Dr. Saltz is able to maintain the ability to breastfeed in most cases. However, this does depend on the type of surgical procedure he performs, whether or not you were able to breastfeed before your breast lift, and specific anatomy of your breasts. It is best to postpone your breast lift if you are planning on having additional children, as the changing size of your breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding will negate most of the results from your breast lift. Be sure to discuss the possibility of future pregnancies with Dr. Saltz during your consultation.
If you are interested in more information on breast lifts visit our blog.

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