Dear Dr. Saltz and staff,
I just wanted to thank you for the level of service and care you provided me during before and after my surgery! I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know seeking your services!


One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to choose Dr. Saltz as my surgeon! I had consults with other plastic surgeons after a botched surgery in the past and I felt most comfortable and confident with Dr. Saltz.
The fact that Dr. Saltz got rid of all of my previous scarring from a breast surgery is impressive, but he also corrected my nipples so that I look and feel beautiful again. I have sensation that I haven’t had in 20 years!
Dr. Saltz also performed Blepharoplasty Surgery. My eyes are amazing – everyone tells me how great and well-rested I look, and no one knows why. My husband compliments me all the time too.
People have always told me how young I look for my age, but now even more so. I am grateful for Dr. Saltz and his expertise! – C.P.

I recently had the surgery by Dr. Saltz and it was fantastic.

No pain, recovery was very short term and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about hair loss solution options.

Thank you to Dr. Saltz and his team of professionals for making me feel great.

Happy NeoGraft patient

“Ms.Yuliia Bacon of the Saltz Spa Vitoria is the Best Massage Therapist I have ever experienced. The surprising discovery compels me to tell others about this talented star.

Combining unique healing gifts with science gives you the most incredible massage imaginable. Whether you are recovering, rejuvenating or just enjoying life Yuliia’s massage therapy is a must!

Nurse Bacon’s medical training utilizes therapeutic massaging of the Lymphatic system, connective tissues and muscles. The result is a more rapid recovering from injury and or post surgery. Yuliia even has a scare mitigating therapy.

I am a lover of a great massage who’s tried many different massage techniques around the world. I highly recommend you experience the sheer pleasure that Yuliia’s Massage Therapy provides.”

plastic surgery review

Thank you for fixing my eye! I appreciate it so very much. When I first met you and was thinking about getting surgery you told me to log onto the website and look at photos of the procedure. I was so impressed with you and had so much blind faith, I never did… which probably wasn’t my best decision, but I was right. Thank you! I am very happy with your work! You really are an artist. Thank you again! You rock and I love you. I tell everyone about you when the subject comes up.

Four days after my Breast Lift and Implant Exchange Surgery I received a lymphatic massage from Yuliia Bacon based on Dr. Saltz’ recommendation. This treatment modality was extremely helpful in moving the fluids and blood away from my surgical sites, and increased circulation and decreased scarring of underlying tissues. I found the treatment by Yuliia respectful, professional, and extremely educational. She is very knowledgeable in medical procedures and recovery. Yuliia also suggested integrative medical treatments, such as essential oils and plant based products to reduce bruising and swelling. I continued my treatments for the six weeks of recovery at least 1-2 times per week. My commitment to my own self healing with Yuliia’s help has made this process much more enjoyable and I believe assisted in a better outcome for my surgical wounds. I highly recommend utilizing Yuliia’s lymphatic massage for your recovery.

Vanessa L. RN, Ph.D

Thank you so much for the good care for Peter because of you, he got a treatment that was successful. Thank you so much, Pamela

Dear Yulia,

Thank you so much for taking care of me. I couldn’t have done this without you. All the best!

Dear Jill,
I want to thank you some more for the wonderful relaxing time I spent under your magic hands. Such a wonderful experience! I felt as if I wanted to give you a bit more of a tip.

Dear Jill,
Thank you so much for the generous ‘sample’ of facial cleanser on my visit yesterday! My ‘peel’ with you is one of the most fun appts I experience because you are such an interesting educated beautiful woman!

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