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Chin Implant

We can’t all have chins like Kirk Douglas (for men) or Megan Fox (for women). But chin augmentation or reduction can give your chin a more sculpted look that brings it into symmetry with the rest of your face. Also known as mentoplasty, chin surgery can either seek to augment the chin with an implant or reduce it with surgery to the underlying bone.

Do You Need Chin Surgery?

If you feel your chin is out of balance with the other features of your face, chin surgery could remedy your concerns. For those seeking augmentation, they usually feel their chin is either too small or recedes. For those seeking reduction, the feeling is that the chin is too large or protrudes too much.

As with all cosmetic procedures, successful candidates are in good overall health and free of medical conditions. Also, satisfied patients usually will have done some research on their own prior to their consultation with Dr. Saltz, bringing questions to the appointment. When discussing the procedure, Dr. Saltz will make sure your expectations are realistic.

What Happens in a Chin Implant Procedure?

When inserting a chin implant, Dr. Saltz can opt to make the incision under the chin (submental) or inside the mouth (intraoral). He makes a pocket in the connective tissue inside the chin, careful to avoid the major nerve. A solid silicone or polyethylene implant is then placed into the pocket. The procedure typically takes 30 to 45 minutes.

During your consultation with Dr. Saltz, the two of you will discuss your various implant options. You can also opt to have more than one implant — this is more typical for men.

Recovery from Chin Surgery

After chin augmentation, you will have bandages covering your incision site and a small tube inserted to drain any excess fluids. You will have some swelling, bruising, and pain in the days following your surgery, but that should subside in two weeks. To combat possible infection, you will be on a one-week course of antibiotics. For the first four or five days, you’ll need to be on a soft diet and sleep with your head raised on two or three pillows. Most patients can return to work in a week to 10 days. Tightness in the jaw is normal and will go away with time once you get used to the new chin implant.

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