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Relaxing Wrinkles with BOTOX®

Ever since its approval by the FDA for cosmetic use in 2002, BOTOX® fillers have been the rock star of the aesthetic industry. Each year it is the most popular cosmetic procedure worldwide…and it’s not even close!

Why all the adoration? Because BOTOX® works incredibly well to reduce or eliminate lines and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes, between the brows, and on the forehead.

How Does BOTOX® Work?

BOTOX® is made from the botulinum toxin type A, the same bacteria that causes botulism. But decades ago, researchers found that when injected in very small amounts the botulinum toxin temporarily paralyzes the muscle it is injected into. This proved effective in treating involuntary muscle spasms, migraine headaches, even teeth grinding. But when the FDA approved it for the treatment of wrinkles, BOTOX® became a household name.

Certain wrinkles, called dynamic wrinkles, are created by repeated muscle movements in common behaviors such as frowning or squinting. When injected into the muscle that creates a dynamic wrinkle, BOTOX® blocks the nerve signals to the muscle, stopping the muscle from contracting. With the muscle temporarily paralyzed, the wrinkle on the surface is reduced dramatically or disappears altogether.

BOTOX® targets dynamic wrinkles on the top third of the face particularly well: crow’s feet, forehead lines, and the dreaded 11’s between the brows. BOTOX® does not work on static wrinkles, those wrinkles that show themselves all the time.

What To Expect During a BOTOX® Session

A small needle is used for BOTOX® injections, effectively targeting only the muscles responsible for creating wrinkles. A BOTOX® session usually takes just a few minutes and no anesthesia is required.

Your choice of injector is very important because, while BOTOX® injections seem simple, advanced knowledge of facial anatomy and experience with BOTOX® is required to ensure the neurotoxin is injected into exactly the right spots. Dr. Saltz and his team are thoroughly experienced with BOTOX® and offer it in both Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah locations.

From The Patients:

“You take the time to reach out and really listen and understand. You are thoughtful, supportive, and always so kind… And that’s the only part of why you’re so special – and appreciated so much. Dr. Saltz I feel these are all the qualities you posses! In concert to be being a skilled and artistic surgeon. I truly feel honored to have had the privilege of you doing my facial rejuvenation! And am over joyed with my results. Thank you Dr. Saltz and your staff for all the personal attention you have given me!”

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Am I a candidate for BOTOX injections?

aesthetic proceduresThe FDA approved BOTOX® for aesthetic use on the upper third of the face, the expressive area where we form most of our facial expressions. It is approved to treat crow’s feet at the outside of the eyes, glabellar lines (colloquially known as the 11s) between the brows, and forehead lines. So, if those are the problem areas you seek to address BOTOX® is perfect.

However, if you want to fill areas of volume loss on the mid to lower face, things like sunken cheeks or parentheses lines, BOTOX® isn’t the answer. Those problems are caused by loss of collagen, sun damage, and other factors. They are not the result of muscle contractions, which are the cause of crow’s feet and the like on the upper third of the face. Lines and sunken areas on the mid to lower face are the domain of dermal fillers, such as Juvederm®.

On what areas can BOTOX be used?

BOTOX® only works on what are known as “dynamic wrinkles.” These are wrinkles that form over time as we make thousands and thousands of muscle contractions when we make various expressions.

BOTOX® works on crow’s feet, the 11s between the brows, and on forehead lines. Some people have had success treating neck banding with BOTOX®, but that varies dramatically from patient to patient and this is an “off-label” use of BOTOX®.

How should I prepare for my BOTOX session?

BOTOX® was deemed the original “lunchtime procedure.” That’s because a session with Dr. Saltz takes just 10-15 minutes, and then the patient can return to work or other normal activities. There isn’t any recovery. There also isn’t anything you need to do prior to your BOTOX® session.

How long will my results last with BOTOX?

BOTOX® doesn’t deliver instant results. It takes about four days for the botulinum toxin to fully block the nerve messages and relax the muscle. From there, BOTOX® usually keeps the muscle at rest for about four months. Around that time, your body will absorb the now-inert BOTOX® and the muscle will begin contracting again, and the wrinkle that forms above it will return. Another BOTOX session with Dr. Saltz will maintain your results. At Saltz Plastic Surgery we offer BOTOX membership for our clients, called Saltz Signature Membership. This program locks the client into a discounted price for their BOTOX treatments. The membership consists of monthly installments that will prepay for the treatment. Botox visits must be between three or four months to be eligible to sign up for Saltz Signature. We recommend three months to maintain the optimal results.
There is some evidence that over time muscles injected with BOTOX® become less rigid with their contractions and require less BOTOX® to relax. Again, this varies by the patient and how his or her metabolism affects the BOTOX®.

Are there any side effects to BOTOX injections?

The main side effects are slight redness and swelling at the sites Dr. Saltz injects the BOTOX®. This usually passes in just a few hours. Some people develop a slight headache for 12 hours or so after their session.

The main side effect or complication with BOTOX® is that it is injected into an unintended or incorrect muscle and it leads to problems such as a drooping eyelid. This is the reason you should only trust BOTOX® injections to an expert in facial anatomy such as Dr. Saltz. His surgical expertise and knowledge of the underlying facial structure ensures you will achieve the results you seek from your BOTOX® injections. The same can’t be said if you have a nail salon inject BOTOX®.

One thing that is important for the patient is to not rub the BOTOX® injection sites for 24 hours after your session. Doing so can make the BOTOX® migrate to an unintended muscle.

Recovery After BOTOX®

BOTOX® is often called a “lunchtime procedure” because people can have a session on their lunch break. There is no recovery time needed. But it is important not to rub the injected areas for 12 hours after your session because this can move the BOTOX® into unwanted areas.

Potential Side Effects

Patients may have some slight bruising and redness at the injection sites, but this passes quickly. Headaches can also develop, but this is very rare.

BOTOX® Results

botox procedure resultsResults from BOTOX® injections aren’t immediate — it takes time for the muscle to relax. You will see full results in ten days. Those results will last from three to six months. As your body absorbs the BOTOX®, muscle action gradually returns and with it the lines and wrinkles caused by those muscles. At that point, another BOTOX® session should be scheduled to maintain your results. Research has shown that after repeated treatments, the muscles in question tend to relax and don’t contract as aggressively.

Can BOTOX® Be Paired With Other Treatments?

Dr. Saltz and his team of nurses and master aestheticians in Utah will evaluate your entire facial anatomy and your particular aging issues to give you options for facial skin improvement. There are other procedures such as fillers, skin peels, microdermabrasion, and intense pulsed light that can complement BOTOX®. They can even be done at the same time as your BOTOX® session to save you time.

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