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What is Rhinoplasty?

Many of us don’t have the nose we’d like to have. Whether due to heredity or a former injury or trauma, it’s hard to look in the mirror every day and be unhappy with the look of your nose. Rhinoplasty, commonly known as nose reshaping or a nose job, is a cosmetic surgery that can reshape and improve the appearance of the nose. The end goal is a nose that blends in harmoniously with your other facial features.

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Is Rhinoplasty For Me?

Undergoing nose surgery requires that you are a healthy individual both mentally and physically. The best candidates for nose surgery fall into three categories:

Appearance — Most people, both men and women, opt to have nose surgery to change the look of their nose. These are the most common reasons:

  • Your nose appears too large for your face
  • There is a bump on the nasal bridge when viewed in profile
  • Your nose seems too wide when viewed from the front
  • The nasal tip droops or plunges
  • The tip is thickened or enlarged
  • Your nostrils are excessively flared
  • Your nose is off-center or crooked
  • Previous injury has made your nose asymmetrical

In these types of cases, patients generally feel increased self-confidence after having their surgery.

Injury — Sports injuries, car wrecks, other trauma — these can all leave your nose disfigured. Dr. Saltz will work with you to restore your nose to its pre-injury condition.

Breathing — Individuals with constricted nasal passages find that rhinoplasty or septoplasty increases the ease of breathing through the nose.

The Procedure

During your initial consultation, you will discuss your expectations for your nose surgery. Dr. Saltz will see if your expectations are in line with the procedure. The two of you will also discuss your options for your surgery.

Different Procedures for Rhinoplasty

There are three different options for cosmetic nose surgery. Each procedure has different characteristics that make it right for certain scenarios.

Open — In open rhinoplasty a small incision is made across the columella (the small strip of skin between the nostrils), then the skin is lifted off the tip of the nose, allowing the underlying bone and cartilage to be shaped very precisely. After this is done, the skin and tissue is re-draped over the structure of the nose. This option leaves a small, almost unnoticeable scar underneath the nose.

Closed —This technique is used when reshaping or re-sizing a nose, or when removing a nasal obstruction. All the incisions are made on the inside of the nostrils. The soft tissues are separated from the underlying structures, allowing the bone and cartilage to be reshaped. If reducing the nose size, the nasal bones will be fractured. If the nose is being built up, cartilage or bone from your ears, ribs, bones is used. Silastic implants can also be used.

Natural — To avoid nose jobs that don’t stand the test of time because the nose ends up looking too small or pinched at the tip, there is a movement to rearrange and reshape the nose using the cartilage and bone that is already there. Nasal tissue is preserved as much as possible and, wherever necessary, a graft may be used to support the nose and open breathing passageways.

Recovering From Nose Surgery

After your surgery, your nose will be put in a splint to hold its new shape. You will be prescribed medications to reduce pain and swelling. The splint will be removed after one week, but your nose will still be swollen. This swelling improves after 10 to 14 days, but can last for weeks to some degree. You will need to keep your head elevated and relatively still for the first few days after surgery. All strenuous activity will need to be avoided for several weeks.

Procedure statistics – more than 200 cases.

Rhinoplasty due to breathing issues is sometimes covered by insurance. Although Dr. Saltz is not a preferred provider with any insurance plan, we can provide you with documentation to submit to your insurance company post-surgery so you can seek reimbursement.

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