Wave Goodbye to Sagging Skin with an Arm Lift

Unfortunately it is all too common for even the most athletic patients to notice sagging skin below their arms as they age. No matter how frequently you work out, your arm skin may simply lose its elasticity and begin to sag over time. Sagging arm skin is also a common condition for patients who have experienced recent, significant weight or muscle loss. Your hours in the gym make have you looking thinner and feeling better – but your skin may not be able to keep up.

Sagging skin under the arms affects both male and female patients and is a common concern expressed to Dr. Saltz. Unfortunately your sagging skin may only be corrected with cosmetic surgery. Arm skin is especially stubborn when it comes to defying gravity and regaining its elasticity.

Also known as brachioplasty, an arm lift can help you quickly achieve a toned and firm appearance without frustration. A brachioplasty targets the excess skin in the area between your underarm and elbows. Dr. Saltz will eliminate this excess skin, giving your arms a new contour and restoring your youthful appearance. An arm lift does not eliminate excess fat from your arms, only excess skin.

Don’t spend another day wishing that your arms looked more toned and youthful. Contact Dr. Saltz today to learn how to rediscover your toned, shapely arms with an arm lift.

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