PRP Injections | Salt Lake City, UT

Our Cutera Laser Will Scare Off Your Spider Veins

If you have spider veins on your legs or small superficial veins on your face, it’s been assumed that the only way to get rid of them was sclerotherapy, the injection of a saline-based solution into the vein to make the vein collapse and eventually disappear. Sclerotherapy can be very painful on the face, however. […]

  • Posted on: Oct 15 2018
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skin care treatments Park City, UT

Look at Our Spooky October Specials

As we move from summer to winter, it can be a scary time for your skin, adjusting from summer’s intense heat to winter’s dry cold. To make it a little less frightening, our October specials at Saltz Plastic Surgery/Spa Vitoria are Pearl Fractional Resurfacing, Thermage, our Pumpkin Peel, and a variety of our Revision Skincare […]

  • Posted on: Sep 30 2018
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Laser Hair Removal Salt Lake City, UT

It’s All in the Cycle of Growth

No one likes dealing with unwanted hair. It’s a pain, literally and figuratively. At Saltz Plastic Surgery/Spa Vitoria, we offer laser hair removal, and patients often wonder why it takes numerous sessions to really get rid of the majority of the unwanted hair. It all comes down to the growth cycle of human hair. To […]

  • Posted on: Sep 15 2018
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Chemical Peels Salt Lake City, UT

Better Living Them Chemicals

OK, that headline looks like some sort of Dow Chemical ad slogan. But it is just the message sent by your skin because it loves when you give it a chemical peel at Saltz Plastic Surgery/Spa Vitoria. Chemical peels basically are forced exfoliations of your facial skin. Everyone knows that your skin benefits from exfoliation, […]

  • Posted on: Aug 30 2018
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Thermage Salt Lake City, UT

Tighten Your Skin with Thermage

If you’re not interested in surgery, your can tighten your facial skin (and skin on other body areas) by putting some radiofrequency energy to work. The procedure is called Thermage, and it is sometimes referred to as a “facelift without surgery.” We offer Thermage at Saltz Plastic Surgery. What is Thermage? Thermage is a non-invasive […]

  • Posted on: Aug 15 2018
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Hair Transplant Park City, UT

Regrowing Your Hair with the NeoGraft System

Thinning hair is a part of aging, but when the hair loss grows beyond normal thinning, it can be a real drag on a person’s self-esteem. While men usually have areas that become fully bald, women tend to suffer from universal thinning hair. Dr. Saltz now offers the NeoGraft hair transplantation system, which employs follicular […]

  • Posted on: Jul 30 2018
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Breast Implant | Salt Lake City, UT

Breast Implant Revision

Breast augmentation isn’t a perfect science, and there are times when a patient desires or needs implant revision surgery. Whether she decided she would simply like larger implants or whether there has been some other issue, revision surgery is generally easier than the original surgery. Here are the most common reasons Dr. Saltz has performed […]

  • Posted on: Jul 15 2018
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Dr. Saltz and ISAPS Featured on KUTV

Dr. Saltz was featured on KUTV’s segment Person 2 Person, where he discussed plastic surgery in Utah, the Image Reborn Foundation, and giving back. You can watch his interview here.

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