Get Intense with Your Photo-Aged Skin

At Saltz, we use both lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL) for skin resurfacing and to help with sun-damaged skin. People mix up the two light systems, but their difference is simple. Lasers direct a single wavelength of light energy onto the skin; this is why their energy can be so strong. IPL, on the […]

Get Rid of Those Ugly Surface Veins

No one wants squiggly blue and purple veins running around just under the skin for everyone to see on the surface. Spider veins and deep blue reticular veins are as unwanted as a snowstorm in the Wasatch Mountains in June. At Saltz Spa Vitoria we put our Cutera Laser to work on your unwanted veins. […]

Summer’s a Good Time to Zap Your Unwanted Hair

Ah, summer in the Mountain West. The living is easy. The temperatures are warm, but not humid. Bugs are minimal. The rivers are running high. And local corn on the cob is plentiful at every Smith’s. But when you’re poolside, at Seven Peaks, or running a river, who wants unwanted hair poking out everywhere. Sure, […]

What’s Behind Naturally Derived Dermal Fillers?

Salt Lake City is a hotbed of the aesthetic industry. Don’t believe it? Statistics compiled by RealSelf, the aesthetic website, place Salt Lake City as having the second highest number of plastic surgeons per capita in the U.S. Holly tummy tuck, Batman! So Salt Lake people know a little bit about the aesthetic world, no […]

Our Facials Pamper Your Skin

At Spa Vitoria, our name says it all. From relaxing massage to pearl fractional skin renewal, from CoolSculpting to laser hair removal — we’re all about our patients feeling and looking great. And don’t forget about our pampering of your face with our variety of facials. Here is a list of our facials. Arcona Facial […]

Volbella, Subtly Adding Volume to the Lips

Anyone who follows the aesthetic world has heard of Juvéderm. Juvéderm is now a family of dermal fillers that address volume loss in a variety of areas of the face. The newest addition to the Juvéderm family is Juvéderm Volbella XC, which is formulated to add subtle volume to the lips while softening the appearance […]

Filling, Not Paralyzing — Dermal Fillers

Outsmarting time has been the goal of many, from Ponce de Leon to that Nazi dude in Indiana Jones to Doc Brown in Back to the Future. But time always wins. In most cases, your face is the biggest loser, as your facial skin is always out there at the mercy of the sun and the […]

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