CoolSculpting for a Smoother Shape

Saltz Spa Vitoria and Dr. Renato Saltz are proud to now offer CoolSculpting services to our patients. CoolSculpting is the only non-invasive, non-surgical procedure approved by the FDA for the elimination of stubborn fat deposits. It is especially effective at eliminating lower belly fat, love handles and other stubborn pockets of fat that cannot be reached through diet or exercise alone.

CoolSculpting uses a unique cooling process to freeze and break down fat cells that are found below the surface of the skin. It is especially effective at smoothing cellulite, as cellulite lies close to the skin’s surface. CoolSculpting freezes the cells below your skin so that they “die” and can be naturally and safely eliminated from your body. Healthy, non-fatty tissues are preserved, making CoolSculpting a safe alternative to many similar treatments.

The ideal candidate for CoolSculpting treatment is a person that is healthy and has attempted to improve their appearance first through diet and exercise. Depending on the amount of fat you would like to eliminate, Dr. Saltz may recommend one or several follow-up treatments to your initial CoolSculpting visit.

If you are ready to dramatically improve your appearance and take inches away from your stomach or love handles, contact Saltz Spa Vitoria to learn more about CoolSculpting today.

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