Kids Don’t Deserve Teasing About their Ears

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Kids at school can be a tough crowd. And if a child is born with ears that protrude away from the head, they can be prime targets for teasing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Dr. Saltz can perform ear pinning surgery to correct the problem and stop any teasing before it ever gets started.

What is otoplasty?

The clinical term for ear surgery is otoplasty. The best time to perform the surgery is when the child is between the ages of five and 14. This may seem young, but human ears are fully developed by age six.

The procedure doesn’t need to be limited to children, either. Adults who don’t like the projection of their ears can also have otoplasty done by Dr. Saltz. Ear surgery can also correct problems from a previous injury.

What is involved in the surgery?

In this surgery, Dr. Saltz makes an incision on the back of the ear. The goal is to reduce protrusion by creating or increasing the antihelical fold inside the rim of the ear and reducing enlarged conchal cartilage. Because the incisions are behind the ears, scarring is virtually invisible.

When should my child have the surgery?

While there isn’t any real limit on this surgery, Dr. Saltz recommends having it done as early as possible at five or six years old. Why the rush? Generally, at that age, children haven’t entered school or are just in kindergarten. Having the surgery before your child entering school will head off any teasing that can accompany protruding ears.

Is recovery hard?

After surgery, the child will have bandages to cover the incisions. They come off quickly, usually in just two or three days. They are replaced by lighter dressings. There will probably be some slight bruising and swelling over the first day or so, but this is not extreme in the least. Obviously, any activities that involve helmets or hats will need to wait for a month or so to allow the incisions to heal fully.

Interested in having your child’s protruding ears pinned? Call Dr. Saltz at either our Salt Lake City or Park City offices and schedule a consultation for otoplasty.

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