Now’s the Time to Shore Up Those Arms

Giggly upper arms are never welcome. Heaven forbid someone ever mentions the term “bat wings” when they just saw you wave goodbye to a friend while wearing a sleeveless blouse! At least in winter, your arms are covered up with layers of clothes.

But that same phenomenon makes winter a perfect time to address the loose skin on the underside of your upper arms with an arm lift from Dr. Saltz. An arm lift can reshape your arms to make them more toned, slimmer, and shapelier.

Would an arm lift help me?

An arm lift, clinically known as brachioplasty, can be a great procedure for women who aren’t thrilled with excess skin and tissue moving about on the underside of their arms. Arm lift surgery is often used to reduce excess skin if a person has lost a bunch of weight. But it can also be used to firm up arms that have become saggy simply due to the passing years.

One thing to consider with an arm lift is the scarring. There will be a scar that runs usually from the elbow to your underarm. It is located on the inside or the underside of your arm, but it will be there. It will fade with time, however.

Also, as with most procedures, an arm lift is not for weight loss. In fact, if your weight changes significantly after you’ve had an arm lift, it can significantly affect your results. If you’re considering an arm lift, any large changes in weight (such as pregnancy) should probably be in your past.

How does Dr. Saltz perform an arm lift?

Dr. Saltz uses three methods for his arm lifts, depending on the location of the incision.

  • Inner arm incision— The incision is made in the inner arm, extending from the middle of the armpit to the elbow.
  • Back of the arm incision— The incision is made on the entire back part of the upper arm, which is usually the trouble area.
  • Minimal incision— This incision is made on the back part of the arm, under the armpit. The goal of a minimal incision arm lift is to minimize scarring, but it can’t achieve the same amount of trimming that the other two methods do.

Recovery from an arm lift can take up to six weeks. After your procedure you’ll wear compression garments on your upper body to minimize swelling and bruising. You need to avoid most physical activity so as not to aggravate the stitches and reshaped muscle tissue. You’d be surprised at how much the arms are involved in just about all exercise. You’ll be able to return to most normal activities in six weeks or so.

Want to lose the bat wings? Call Dr. Saltz at his Park City or Salt Lake City offices to schedule a consultation.

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