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Caring for Yourself After Surgery with Massage

After undergoing treatment with cosmetic surgery, it is still very important for patients to take steps to improve the appearance of their skin and body.  In fact, many patients find it to be even more important to care for their health and skin following an investment like cosmetic surgery.

For those patients who would like to continue to optimize their aesthetic results, we offer a surgical component to our Facial Aesthetic Package. We find that patients who purchase these services following surgery not only enjoy better results from their procedure but are also faster to recovery and more satisfied with their experience.

The postoperative component of the Facial Aesthetic Package is quite intense. Patients are seen within 24 to 48 hours after surgery. Within 3 to 4 days, all surgical patients are treated by a certified lymphatic drainage massage therapist in order to reduce swelling and bruising to the face. When paired with camouflaging makeup, LDM massage can help patients return to work and social activities much sooner than surgery alone.

LDM has profound effects on a patient for both cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures. LDM reduces tension and stress, treats swelling, mitigates scar tissue, improves cellulite, lowers blood pressure, reduce chronic fatigue and mild depression, supports the immune system, reduces chronic soft tissue pain, and enhances skin tone and quality.

If you’re planning a cosmetic surgery in the near future and would like to discuss extending your recovery services with LDM massage and other treatments, contact Saltz Plastic Surgery for more information today.

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