Saltz Surgical Package

When you choose Saltz Plastic Surgery, you get more than just a surgery. You have an appointment and you’re going to speak with our patient coordinator who will provide you with a lot of information about practice and the entire team that will be taking care of you. You will also receive a folder with educational materials, a referral list, and other important documents.

During your consultation. Dr. Saltz and his nurse will spend a full hour with you. Your appointment is personalized, and they will examine you, review your anatomy and provide you with different options for your aesthetic surgery. You will meet one of our master estheticians, where your skin will be analyzed as well and different treatments will be recommended.

Before your surgery, you will visit with the nurse, who will prepare you for surgery. Your nurse will review your medical history, your labs, and will make sure that you’re ready for a very safe procedure. We care about your safety, we care about your health and most importantly, we want to make sure this experience is successful and rewarding for you.

After surgery, we have a variety of non-surgical treatments that can help enhance your results. For example, three days after your surgery you will spend one hour with one of our certified lymphatic drainage massage therapists. Lymphatic massage has been shown to decrease swelling, increase circulation, improve scars and give you an overall great feeling.

Immediately after surgery, we also offer camouflage make-up if needed. If your surgery required an overnight stay in the hospital, we will be in contact with the hospital nurses to make sure everything goes smoothly and is taken care of. The next morning, Dr. Saltz and his nurse will visit with you and your caregivers to make sure that you have all of the instructions and all of the necessary medications to be discharged and go home.

All of the follow-up appointments in the clinic are included in your fees and, and we’ll continue to follow up with you many times throughout the year after your surgery.

The Saltz Surgical Package was designed so our team can provide you with the safest and best surgical results possible.

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